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Feel our passion for the beautiful game

International football tournament
June 30th – July 5th 2014

For girls and boys born in 1998/99/00/01

The capital of the west: Bergen is ready to welcome girls and boys from the whole world to the first ever Bergen International. We are proud to showcase our beautiful city as the backdrop for a fantastic football tournament. If you’ve never been to Bergen before, you now have a unique opportunity to experience the city, the people and the weather.

People from Bergen are immensely proud of their city, we are certain that you will be met with genuine “bergensian” hospitality so that you as visitors get an experience you can brag about.

Bergen is beautifully placed between the mountains and the fjords, and is the largest city on the coast of Norway. When the sun peeks through the clouds after the rain has washed the city clean, the streets are all full of people dropping out of their houses. Than you can sense the citysans passionate relationship to the city and the frequent changes in weather that affect their lives. The ‘city between the seven mountains’ has perfect conditions for football, not too hot and not too cold, and if you’re lucky you’ll get a little shower of rain to cool you down in the heat of the match.

Short distances between the residences and football fields, short distance to the city centre for all participants are all benefits when choosing Bergen International.

We have made it so that you and your team will have a fantastic week in Bergen, our ambition is to get as many good teams as possible so that winning this competition will be something other teams will notice far beyond the borders of Norway. Our plan is that Bergen International will be a prestigious tournament, which will draw teams from all corners of the globe.

People from Bergen are football lovers, to play football in this city is held in high regard, so come and take part in the most passionate football tournament in the country.



Feel our passion for the beautiful game

9 vs. 9 in the 13-year old age group

Publisert: Thursday, January 9, 2014 - 12:33

The Norwegian Football Association has decided that players born in 2001 will play 9 vs. 9 instead of 11 vs. 11 in the norwegian 2014 season. In accordance with this decision we have decided that this age group also will play 9 vs.9 in Bergen International.

Quality tournament in Bergen

Publisert: Friday, October 4, 2013 - 15:21

Bergen International is now formally announced. A press conference was held at Arna Idrettspark on Monday, and warmly present was the Mayor of Bergen Trude Drevland.
This is a genius idea by Arna-Bjørnar. Of course Bergen should have a football tournament this size, and I support their plans fully, smiled the mayor.
Trude Drevland has previously visited the club several times, She watched Arna-Bjørnar win the Norwegian Cup in the Girls under-19 class last fall. She really likes how the club is run, and she is sure that Bergen International is going to be a great success.
- Bergen International is going to be a quality tournament with good fields, good referees, good food, good accommodation, good transport – simply put, a tournament that will give the participants a great experience that will make them want to return next year. The sign up for the tournament is now officially open, explains Managing Director Torstein Pedersen



Useful information
regarding the tournament

Feel our passion for the beautiful game


Arrival for all teams will be June 29th. The matches will begin June 30th. Departure will be July 5th.


Category A – School Accommodation
Each team are assigned a classroom where they sleep on sleeping pods. The sleeping pods must be provided by the visiting team themselves.
The meals start with breakfast Monday June 30th and finish with lunch Saturday July 5th. At least one and no more than four adults can stay at the school. Everyone who lives there will have to purchase a “A-Card”.

Category B – Self-Accommodated

All teams that use other forms of accommodation must purchase a participation card. (The Bergen Card/Bergenskortet)

Bergenskortet/ The Bergen Card

  • Free travel with busses, light rail and trains in Bergen, including the districts of Arna, Åsane, Fana and Fyllingsdalen..
  • Free travel with Bergen Internationals busses.
  • Free entrance to the opening ceremony Monday June 30th.
  • Free entrance to all finals Friday and Saturday July 4th and 5th.
  • Free entrance to many of Bergen’s tourist attractions.


Transfer to and from the airport, dock or train station to schools are offered at NOK 100 per parson. Only apply to teams in Category A

The Coach Card

All teams in Category A will receive two Coach Cards that include Coach T-shirts and access to Bergen Internationals Coach Meeting.
If more than two Coach Cards are needed, they are available at NOK 280,-

Extra Accommodation

We can accommodate teams in schools a maximum of two days before the start of the tournament. The cost will be NOK 100,- per person per day. No meals will be prepared for you in this period.


All participants will receive a diploma. The finalists will receive the Bergen International trophy and medals for all players. The finalists in the B-Playoffs will receive a trophy and medals for all players. The losing semi-finalists of the A-Playoffs will receive a third place trophy, which will be awarded during half time of the final in their class.

We encourage all participants and coaches to avoid leaving valuable items at the school.

Sign up and payment

To make sure that your team receive a place in the tournament we recommend that you pay the team fee as soon as possible and no later than March 10th 2014.
The sign up will be valid from the day we receive the team fee.
The participators fee must be paid before April 10th 2014. In the event of late payment we cannot guarantee your team a place in the competition.

Payments made from outside of Norway must be made to our bank
Sparebanken Vest.
IBAN-code: NO8536245890928

When we have received the team fee we will confirm your inclusion in the tournament.
Potential back payment of participation fee for players
The participation fee can be refunded if the sign up is withdrawn within May 20th 2014. After this date the individual participation fee can only be back paid with a valid doctor’s note. The team fee cannot be returned.

For more information about prices, go to cupcenter at the main menu.

Important Dates:

March 10th: Team fee deadline. To be completely sure your team is registered it could be smart to pay the team fee while registering your team. When we receive the team fee we will confirm your place in Bergen International
April 15th: Participation fee deadline for everyone in Category A. Both players and coaches must pay for the school accommodation. You can add or remove players from your team until May 15th, after this date you’ll need a doctor’s note.
May 15th: Deadline for ordering extra services like transfer, additional coach cards, additional Bergen cards, special food or additional meals. This is the deadline for removing players from your team, after this date you need a doctor’s note.
June 29th: Arrival in Bergen. No matches are played.
June 30th: Bergen International starts the first matches are played.
Opening Ceremony

July 4th and 5th: Finals.

Cancelled Tournament

Bergen International has no obligation to repay financial losses or damages that could occur due to war, warlike events, civil war, revolution, rebellion, government action, strike, lockout, blockade or similar events. (Force majeure)
Under these conditions Under these circumstances, the tournament organizers reserve the right to either retain the entire registration/accommodation fee and to use it for a future tournament, or to reimburse the delegations after deducting costs already incurred for the organization of the tournament and which could not be recovered from third parties.


The City of Bergen

a nordic paradise

Feel our passion for the beautiful game


The over 65 year old Flåmsbanen is known many places as one of the most amazing railways in the world.


Can be reached with Ulriken 643 Panorama tour’s cable car that reaches this tall mountain in the middle of the city.

De 7 fjell

Also known as “byfjellene” (The mountains of the city). They are very diverse and they have a hiking trails for everyone and every occasion.

The Aquarium

Is the largest tourist attraction in Bergen. It is one of the most beautiful aquariums in Europe. Well worth a visit.

Bergen Fjord Sightseeing

Wishes you welcome to a fantastic trip with the White Lady where you get to experience the fjords up close.

Fantoft Stavkirke

Was originally built in 1150, and was situated in Fortun in Sogn. In 1883 the Church was moved to Fana in Bergen.

Nordnes Sea Bath

Is Bergens most famous Sea bath. It is situated in Nordnesparken, not far from the Aquarium, within walking distance from the city centre.

The Fish Market

Lies in the heart of town. It is well known for an amazing selection of fresh fish, vegetables, fruit and souvenirs.


Is one of the most incredible wonders of Bergen. It is also known as Hansabryggen and Tyskerbryggen. Bryggen is one of UNESCO’s world cultural heritage sites.

Bergen City Museum

Is situated in Sandviken and is a open air museum with buildings from the 18th and 19th century, collected from different areas in Bergen.

Fløibanen and Fløien

Is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bergen. The funicular is the only one of its kind in Scandinavia.


Stoltzekleiven is a steep stone laid trail and stair with approx. 800 steps. Restored in 2011 with help from Sherpa’s from Nepal

MV Beffen

Is the only remaining ferry in Bergen that runs all year long. A perfect shortcut through the town centre.

The Bergen Railway (Bergensbanen)

Is a good choice if you want to experience places outside of Bergen. Arna, Vaksdal, Dale and Voss are the first stops.


The official royal residence in Bergen, was built by Christian Michelsen in 1900.


Edvard Grieg lived at Troldhaugen the last 22 years of his life. Today Trollhaugen is a museum.

Håkonshallen (Haakon’s Hall)

Is over 750 years old, and was built by King Håkon Håkonsson as a party hall and royal residence.



Feel our passion for the beautiful game

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